Aimbot; Oiz91m

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Mr. Brink
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Aimbot; Oiz91m

Beitrag von Mr. Brink » Do 5. Sep 2019, 14:48

Hello c2Play,

I was playing on server Dust_1 only today, where there this user (Oiz91m) joint the game, and he is a hacker. A weird thing is, that he is even a Premium player, as far as I could here, when he shot. Did not notice if he just tried out Premium, or if he was actually a Donater. The thing is, that he is still online on some other server now (Thursday 14:45).

Unfortunately there were no admins online, again, which I have also written to you guys about earlier. I have not gotten a reply on that one yet, Maybe you haven't received that message? I send you guys an application for an admin position.

But please keep an eye out for this player, as he should be banned from all c2Player servers.

Thank you
Mr. Brink

Großer Bär
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Re: Aimbot; Oiz91m

Beitrag von Großer Bär » Sa 7. Sep 2019, 01:29

Hello dear Brink,
thank you for your message.
If you feel like a player is cheating, you have two options. You can make an admin call with @ report, or you can create a demo and upload it in the forum! We will, as soon as it is possible, immediately accept yours.

Best regards from Germany
Bärle ;)
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