chat idea

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chat idea

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I have been playing on dm3 and dm4 for over 2 years now. lately the chats are getting ridiculous. some are very offensive and rated beyond adult level. if admins or player vote can ban chat for a day or so.. lately lots of people gets in trouble because they can't control what not to say on server. Then there are those who constatantly argues and claim premium are pay for win like ravachol.. he always says it and its tiring. yes we have the option to use @ignore but there a limit of how many we can out according to nightwing... less chat and more kill is better for the server. most of the chats seems to be on negative side. please consider the chat ban ability or votechat ban or something to calm the servers down.

thanks thats my 2 cent opinion

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Re: chat idea

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Hi time2rad,

we already do that :) For instance, ravachol was banned a few days ago from using the chat until 15th May 2020.

Are there any other players you thought about?

Kind Regards,
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