CSS Stats, Rank, Points calculation

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CSS Stats, Rank, Points calculation

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I was wondering if there is a reference list of how points are awarded for server Rank on the Counter Strike Source servers.

From what I can see you get less for killing bots, but on other servers in previous years gone by, it mattered more who you were killed by as well as who you killed depending on their Rank

Thanks in advance.
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Re: CSS Stats, Rank, Points calculation

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i belive that killing a bot should give much less points than killing a player
because killing a player is much harder
i noticet that many people come on the morning to kil as many bots as possible and get point
and it seems to me that this is not fair in relation to other players and their skill
since a person killing bots can take a greater position than a person playing with real people.

this reduces the real readings of the server!!!
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Re: CSS Stats, Rank, Points calculation

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You get more XP for killing real players than bots. Also, it depends on how well the player - you killed - played the last days (the rank of the player is irrelevant). Thus, if you kill a player which has a higher skill, you get more EP. Also the time is relevant: To prevent that players kill billions of bots in the night, there is less EP in the night then during the prime time:
  • 16:00: +50 %
  • 18:00-19:59: +75 %
  • 20:00-20:59: +100 %
  • 21:00-22:59: +150 %
  • 23:00-23:59: +100 %
  • 0:00 bis 1:59: +50 %

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