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Hier kannst Du Dich wegen Fehlverhaltens anderer Spielern beschweren.

Here you can complain about misbehavior of other players.
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Gun Hellsweek
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I would like you to have a chat with "Uzi", a very frequent player in Deathmatch #6. I dont know why, but he is always very rude, always insulting and mocking. It might seen trivial but it is totally unnecessary and takes down the joy of playing at the server. Im a preimium player and has been for many years. I dont expect any benefits from that besides what Im paying for, but this should be a friendly place for fun and amusement and not a place for childish people to insult other players. I would appreciate if you could ask him to behave as an adult or at least in an adult way.
Auf Cheaterjagd
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First of all: Thank you for sharing your experiences with that user with us ;)

We can't stay the whole day online to follow all the chat. That means: We only act if there are heavy(!) problems - which we recognize by coincidence - or if anybody reports a player via "@report" in chat. If he goes on with swearing or provocations, please give us a hint by using that function.
Also it'd be new to me that we'd got a DM6. Maybe you just wrote a wrong number? (Pretty necessary to check the chatlogs - which can be circumvented by using "@report" next time ;) )

Give us a call and we'll act according to our rules - which you can find here:

Best regards,
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